The “Who is Feig?” Podcast Series, kicking-off with Sascha Brueck of Feig Electronics

Feig Electronics

Sascha Brueck, Field Application Engineer of Feig Electronics, joins Identify Podcast host, Justin Starbird for the “Who is Feig?” podcast series.

Having started at Feig more than 15 years ago, Sascha has held many positions and has the experience to discuss what it is like to work for Feig Electronics here in the US, as well as home base in Germany. In the US on a five-year work program, Sascha shares his experiences related to navigating the difference between US and German cultures, work environments, and raising a family.

Sascha is known as the Feig software “wizard” on all things related to connecting RFID platforms to customer databases for use of the programs. This technical expertise has become a relied upon skill that aids the Feig team as they work with customers to solve some of the most difficult supply chain tasks.

Listen to Sascha as he talks with Justin about how he works hard to put the customer first while balancing the challenges of culture, language, and raising a family 6,000 miles from home.