Who is Feig? Sascha Brueck

Feig Electronics

Today we highlight Field Application Engineer Sascha Brueck.

Sascha began his career with Feig Electronics in Germany straight out of university in 2004, which he says was “the best thing that happened to me.”

After 16 years working in the support department with FEIG in Germany, he was allowed to relocate overseas to Atlanta as a Field Application Engineer.

“There comes a time when you ask yourself,’ Should I take a step forward?’

“It was a big step forward in my career,” says Sascha.

“My goal was to come to the US and to be of great value to our customers here, technical-wise, to help with any projects, and to get customers quickly up and running with our products.”

Today, in Atlanta, Sascha combines his passion for the software side of the job with his extensive knowledge of the FEIG product line to help customers here in the US.

“Here in the US as a Field Application Engineer, my work with the customer is slightly different than it was in Germany. Here I am deeply involved from the beginning in projects and with new projects. I help the customers with my deep knowledge of our hardware and programming. I am happy because I can use all the knowledge I have learned over my whole life and put it together to make a suggestion and approach for the customer that helps him find the best solution in conjunction with our devices.”

“As a Field Application Engineer, I am familiar with our hardware, products, and RFID readers. That helps me a lot with our customers’ needs. I can give them good advice on products and help them get the software part done because often, customers also need our hardware and a piece of software application in the background that controls our hardware. In most cases, this software must be developed, and that is my part.”

Before working at FEIG, Sascha’s time at university focused on the software side of electrical engineering. “I wrote a lot of the applications customers are still using today. I am thrilled to be in that kind of area because, let’s say, that’s my passion. I love that.”

Sascha notes that despite moving to the US in January of 2020, just as a global pandemic was about to strike, with his wife and two young children who spoke little to no English, they are now thriving, happy, and looking forward to what the future holds with FEIG.

“So far,” he says, “I love working here in the US because I am more involved in the whole project. I am not only focused on the software part but also focused on finding a good solution for the customer. In which direction should we go with the customer? What kind of technology is important or only works for the customer and his applications? All these things I never had in Germany. I was just focused on the software part. Here, everything comes together. That makes me so happy to be here because every project is different. Every customer is different. There is a huge variety of different kinds of tasks of different kinds of challenges you must try to solve. That is the thing that makes me very happy to be here, and I love that.”

“I would love to be here for at least two years. Also, the family is happy about that. I definitely would love to be a part of all these new projects that are coming. I’m excited to work with bigger customers, which we now have knocking on our door. I’m excited about that. Let’s see!”

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