Who is Feig? Felipe Pulgarin

Feig Electronics

Recent episodes of The Identify podcast, powered by FEIG electronics, are shining a light on the people and culture behind the company. Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Account Manager Felipe Pulgarin.

Felipe began by sharing his journey to FEIG.

“I started as a design engineer at Motorola, interning in their PCS division. Then I started working full-time with the Automotive Telematics division in the Chicago area. I worked for seven or eight years as a design engineer, mainly working with the factory and helping to transition products into manufacturing by helping troubleshoot design or production issues.”

“From there, I moved to a component manufacturer making quartz oscillators in New Zealand. A company called Rakon. I originally started working with them as a field application engineer, so I was more of a technical resource. Then that morphed into an account manager/FAE role, a hybrid approach—originally, the idea was to have me as the technical backup to the sales manager, but then they realized that I could do both. I could be the sales guy and the technical resource.”

As for what led him to FEIG?

“As I mentioned, I was working for a component manufacturer. After a while, you get tired of certain things. I was tired of being just a tiny piece of the puzzle and being in an industry that is more about price. In some cases, performance is essential, but we were always just a tiny piece of it.”

“The idea of working for Feig and working for a company that offers a system, an RFID system, a higher level type of a solution, really intrigued me, and I was ready for that type of a change.

“The variety that my position at Feig offers is very satisfying.

“Every day it’s the same in one sense, but it’s also very different. One minute we’re talking parking and AVI, long-range UHF readers; another minute, we’re talking about the logistics applications for a warehouse, stationary readers for their dock doors; wearable readers for reading barcodes; and RFID. Later, we’re talking to a medical company that’s trying to protect their IP and consumables and looking at the modules and module readers we offer.

“It’s a nice mix of applications. We have a wide portfolio of products: low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high frequency. RFID is so powerful. You can use it in so many different applications.”

“It’s great. It’s satisfying to help customers identify a solution specifically for their needs.”

“In my role as Account Manager, I work with existing and new customers to help them develop and identify the best RFID reader and antenna technology for their specific applications. We cover a lot of different industries and different markets. It’s my job to understand their application, identify the best hardware reader, hardware and software, or software for their application, and help them get a solution.”

Felipe is excited not only about his current role at FEIG but also about the company’s future.

“I’m excited about all the work we’ve put in over the last few years to grow the company’s business, get the name out there, and even more, about the opportunities we’ve been working on today. We have a couple of great projects we’re working on, and I think that’ll increase more and more.”

To hear more from Felipe and the other team members of FEIG, tune into the Identify podcast powered by FEIG Electronics today!