Automatic Vehicle Identification with Manuel Haertle

Automatic Vehicle Identification

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On the latest episode of The Identify Podcast, Manuel Haertle, Senior Product Manager for FEIG Electronics, joins host Justin Starbird to talk about Automatic Vehicle Identification.

Manuel is based in Germany and has been at FEIG for 15 years. His roles have changed over the years, but now he is responsible for product management in the market of vehicle access control.

Manuel and Justin take a deep dive into AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and Manuel explains that long-range or wide-range identification systems work best to identify a vehicle. AVI has benefits such as convenience, reliability, and security.

Because the technology works so quickly, is reliable, and is secure, a driver could pass through a toll in the middle of a severe weather event, and all of the correct information would still be captured.

Manuel and Justin take a look at the different types of AVI technology and their pros and cons. 

The differences show when comparing camera-based systems and radar systems. Camera systems identify a number on a license plate, whereas radar systems capture an image of a vehicle. Depending on the customer’s location will dictate which is better for them. For example, some areas don’t have license plates on the front of their vehicles. This won’t allow for camera capturing. RFID can capture the vehicle classification, license plate number, and vehicle image.

When asked what makes customers want to work with FEIG, Manuel says, it’s our customer service. Integrating a product is the most crucial time for a customer, and FEIG doesn’t let that go unnoticed. 

He states, “The integration period is where our customers can save a lot of money, when they get the right support at the right time and when they get the right tools for their companies. We offer many software tools to implement and integrate our devices.”

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