Automatic Identification with Matt Monnat of AARFID

Access Control

On the latest episode of The Identify Podcast, Matt Monnat, Executive Vice President of AARFID, joins host Justin Starbird to talk about Automatic Identification.

AARFID is an automatic identification company working in the RFID market. They provide complete, fully integrated access control solutions to hotels, resorts, and gated communities, including customizable RFID tags, cards, FEIG RFID readers, and software.

As Executive Vice President, Matt’s role is to keep an eye on the ever-changing industry and identify opportunities. He then works to develop solutions and bring them to market while assisting with advertising and sales. Additionally, he works closely with resellers and clients and assists leadership with building the company as it grows. 

As Matt and Justin start discussing AARFID, it quickly becomes clear what sets them apart. AARFID is not just making a single solution; they’re working to develop the entire package for their customers. They build a solution that’s completely seamless and integrated.

AARFID works with the client to define the end goal and what they want as a customer experience or employee/resident experience. They work with technology partners and with an understanding that a key or credential is going to be the entire solution since it’s used for every point of access. They then work with the client to build the solution to achieve their goals.  


Matt says, “Integration is critical in today’s market because everything has become a technology and automated. Bringing elements together and being able to be a bridge to integration is critical.”

For example, a hotel company could give guests a pass with a hotel logo giving them access to a parking lot, space, room, or any number of things to improve the overall guest experience. RFID is also a much more secure technology than others using multi-layer encryption.

AARFID chooses FEIG Electronics as a partner for hardware for multiple reasons. Matt explains, “We provide support year after year, so hardware is essential to us. We’ve selected FEIG as a partner for hardware because of the quality of the equipment they manufacture and how technologically advanced they are.”

Customer service is another important quality that FEIG offers to AARFID. FEIG has multiple layers of support available if there is an issue and the in-house ability to address concerns immediately. AARFID takes comfort in being able to talk with FEIG about any problem that may arise and get an answer in real-time through multiple lines of communication. With AARFID having clients who may have numerous properties, quick support is crucial. 

To hear more about AARFID solutions and the relationship between AARFID and FEIG Electronics, tune in to The Identify Podcast.