AARFID and FEIG Electronics – Full-Package Solutions for Automatic Identification

Access Control

The Identify Podcast, hosted by Justin Starbird and powered by FEIG Electronics, features interviews with FEIG Electronics industry leaders on RFID technology, contactless identification, trends, and innovation in the fast-moving space.

Matt Monnat, Executive Vice President at AARFID, an integration partner with FEIG Electronics, joins us today to discuss the companies’ joint automatic identification solutions. 

AARFID, an automatic identification company and a leader in the RFID industry, provides easy-to-integrate access control solutions, including customizable RFID tags, cards, FEIG RFID readers, and software, to hotels, resorts, and gated communities, with a strong focus on contactless RFID solutions.

Automatic identification offers many solutions and benefits across multiple industries. But what exactly does automatic identification mean?

Matt explains, “Automatic identification is just being able to identify a person or object quickly without them having to tell who they are or present a printed credential or something along those lines.”

AARFID’s automatic identification solutions stand out thanks to its full-package approach.

“I think what sets us apart,” Matt points out, “is that we’re not just a company that makes a key card or a credential, not just a company that sells hardware or only does software. We’ve worked to develop an entire package for the past 20-plus years that AARFID has been in business.”

“We’re able to go to a client and say, ‘Here’s the hardware that we’ve studied, tested, and validated and believe to be the best hardware for the solution, here’s the software that we’ve built in-house that’s best for this solution, and then here’s the credential necessary for automatic identification.’ I think that’s a rare thing in our industry, to have a complete understanding of the technology.”

“A lot of that we tie back to our roots. Our owner was one of the first people in the RFID space. He studied it heavily and set the trajectory for the company to do more than automatically identify, but also to have a solution around it.”

AARFID has been able to provide complete automatic identification solutions with an exceptional level of quality thanks to their partnership with FEIG Electronics.

For example, Matt describes, “There have been parking projects where we have needed for automatic vehicle identification, where we have used our software, but we’ve integrated with an access control software as well, a third-party access control software.”

“The reason why that’s important is because the clients want only one dashboard in front of them. That integration with the third-party access control software allows them to enter any vehicle data into that system, which automatically gets transferred to us. Then, on the backend, reporting as well.”

“To take it a step further, if there are pieces of hardware on site, utilizing the different options that FEIG has for connectivity, we’re able to connect to different gates and different gate motors and control panels and things like that. That becomes one solution that has multiple players involved.”

Matt boasts multiple benefits from their partnership with FEIG Electronics.

“When it comes to providing a complete solution to a customer, it’s usually about providing the best hardware. We don’t sell something, say thank you, and never see you again. We provide support year after year, so hardware is essential to us. We’ve selected FEIG Electronics as a partner for hardware because of the quality of the equipment that they manufacture and also because of how technologically advanced they are.”

“FEIG also provides multiple layers of protection for us if something does go wrong,” he adds. Their responsiveness is outstanding. That’s very important because with many of the automatic identification solutions that we sell, particularly vehicle identification, when something goes wrong, it needs to be addressed instantly. Through multiple lines of communication, we can talk to FEIG about anything that might ever happen and get an answer almost in real-time, whether it be troubleshooting or handling any type of exchange, repair, or anything like that on equipment.”

“Customers can say that not only was the equipment good, but the support and service were also excellent and timely, most importantly.”

“So many things are great about the partnership with FEIG Electronics.”

“Ultimately, the level of trust that we have with FEIG is that they will work with us on opportunities, and their only goal is to support us to ensure we get the opportunity. Sometimes in our industry, companies are interested in doing what they need to get a deal for themselves. Still, they’re also interested in supporting us in our deals, and they provide us with opportunities that they think would fit us well.”

To hear more from Matt about AARFID and FEIG Electronics’ automatic identification solutions, listen to “AARFID and FEIG Electronics- Full-Package Solutions for Automatic Identification,” live on The Identify Podcast now!