HID Global & FEIG; A Great Partnership!

Feig Electronics

The latest episode of The Identify Podcast was an exciting one. Caryn Mills, HID Global Medical Device Sales Director, joined Debbie Greenway, FEIG Executive Vice President, and host, Justin Starbird.

HID Global is a leading RFID manufacturer that prides itself on securely identifying places, people, and things. They supply all industries with standard tags or fully customized tags. As Medical Device Sales Director, Caryn manages existing customers day to day. Which are leading companies in asset tracking of medical devices, inventory management, distribution, and supply chain.

FEIG Electronics and HID Global work well together, and Debbie and Caryn have built a great friendship along the way. Their strategy began and continues to be sharing information, testing each other’s solutions, and approaching the market together. They met and continue working together with customers and at tradeshows. Debbie and Caryn take time to walk us through their process of meeting with customers together and even how they’re preparing for MD&M West in just a couple of weeks.

The partnership works well for customers, too, as they visit customers together. FEIG provides the readers and antennas, and HID provides the tags. Customers don’t need to search for more solutions or have multiple meetings involved. Everything is right there, ready to start being integrated for them. 

Another benefit to the partnership is the similarities in qualities that are important to them. Both companies have high expectations; their products are high quality, they have excellent technical support staff, and they provide incredible customer service. It’s easy for Debbie and Caryn to work together and recommend each other’s products to customers when they’re so confident in the company, team, and solution.

Debbie and Caryn also take some time to discuss RFID in healthcare. They have seen growth recently where companies want to track their devices to ensure they’re being used properly. It’s essential to track if a device has been sterilized if they’ve been sterilized properly, or how many times they’ve been sterilized so it can be discarded if necessary. 

In healthcare, tracking is critical. They explain while working with FEIG and HID Global, a company can track their equipment and which employee was working on which lot numbers at which times. So if there’s a problem, you can track it right where you need to or back to the beginning. This is much more accurate and takes away the possibility of human error.

If you’ll be at MD&M West next week, stop by FEIG’s booth #706 and HID Global’s booth #607 to learn about RFID in healthcare and working with such great partners. HID is sponsoring the Happy Hour on Tuesday evening from 5:00 – 7:00. Debbie, Caryn, and Justin would enjoy meeting you there!

Tune in to The Identify Podcast to hear more about why the HID Global and FEIG partnership is special, why it works so well, and how it works. You’ll also learn how RFID is rapidly changing and growing in the healthcare industry, more benefits to RFID in the healthcare industry, and what happens if there’s a problem.