Hitachi America R&D Asset Tracking Showcase Features FEIG Electronics’ HyWear Compact Hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable

Feig Electronics

For three decades, Hitachi America R&D has collaborated with business and research leaders worldwide to address industry and social issues, creating next-generation solutions to make the planet a safer, smarter, healthier, and more secure place.

Over the years, they have collaborated with leading business partners, research institutions, and integrators to conduct research on four key topics: asset lifecycle management, optimized manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and finance. The goal of this research is to establish a framework for creative solutions that will aid in optimizing operations and improving productivity and efficiency, as well as addressing unique challenges such as environmental sustainability.

The FEIG Electronics Inc. HyWEAR Compact was recently used in a demonstration at the Hitachi R&D site in Santa Clara to present asset-tracking technology, systems, and solutions to internal and external customers.

FEIG’s HyWEAR Compact is a hybrid barcode & RFID wearable that aids in making manual material handling processes more efficient with features that include hands-free work capabilities, ergonomic design, buzzer, vibration, and highly visible LED feedback, state-of-the-art wireless technology with direct connection to the next available WiFi access node, as well as a battery that lasts the entirety of a work shift and an exchangeable, high-capacity secondary battery eliminating the need to recharge the entire device between shifts.

Thanks to these attributes, HyWEAR Compact reduces processing time per unit compared with conventional scanners or handheld RFID devices and is ideal for use in warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, parcel services, baggage handling at airports, waste disposal services, and has even recently showcased its power in smart farming thanks to a partnership between Bartle Frere Bananas and Hitachi Vantara.

The Bartle Frere Bananas case study highlights how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and sensor technology can be used to inform data-driven horticulture practices for sustainable, environmentally friendly food production and was featured in Hitachi’s 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 presentation, ‘Technology and Data Are Key to Save the Environment.’

With innovative solutions, including weather monitoring stations and a supply chain control tower to capture farming operation data such as insights from soil moisture and nitrate sensors and a supply-chain tracking system with tags on banana plants and pallets, Bartle Frere Bananas is achieving a level of data-driven transparency, and actionable insight that the company insists is critical to sustainable farming.

To read more about this innovative use case, check out “FEIG HyWEAR Wearable RFID Scanners Help Produce a More Sustainable Banana” at RFID READER NEWS by FEIG.

To learn more about the HyWEAR Compact hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable, visit the product page at FEIG Electronics Inc. or watch this demonstration!