New HF Desktop Reader From FEIG Electronics Inc.

Feig Electronics

New Product by FEIG Electronics

The new ID CPR30pro from FEIG Electronics Inc. is the all-rounder among desktop readers.

The new HF desktop reader ID CPR30pro boasts superior functionality compared to the previous version, ID CPR40.30. The new ID CPR30pro is the newest multi-purpose desktop reader from FEIG, supporting a more comprehensive range of transponder types and current security functions while also offering remarkable performance.

The new ID CPR30pro supports all common HF transponders according to ISO 14443-A and -B, ISO 15693, and ISO 18000-3M3, as well as NFC devices according to ISO 18092.

Providing significantly more power than its predecessor, with transmission powers of up to 300 mW, the new device can achieve useful reading ranges even with small and weak transponders. The new ID CPR30pro also includes “EV2 Secure Messaging,” which supports all cryptographic functions of NXP’s latest MIFAREĀ® offerings.

This powerful desktop reader with USB interface can be used in a multitude of desktop applications such as eTicketing, eDocument, public transport, point-of-sale retail, closed-loop payment, etc.

The ID CPR30pro is also available with a 2 SAM socket variant. The ID CPR30pro SAM variant further enhances the security and cryptographic performance of the device, making it ideal for use in applications where secure transactions are needed, such as eTicketing.

The new HF desktop reader ID CPR30pro ensures fast and secure contactless data exchange with a wide range of HF transponders, making it the ideal choice for any application.