RFID Solutions for Modern Supply Chain Management from FEIG Electronics Inc. & Inyxa

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The Identify Podcast, powered by FEIG Electronics Inc., explores and explains RFID technology, trends, and innovation, with experts from the FEIG team as well as trusted partners and integrators across industries.

In today’s episode, “RFID Solutions for Modern Supply Chain Management from FEIG Electronics Inc. & Inyxa”, Jamie Silverman, Director of Sales at Inyxa, joins Key Account Manager at FEIG Electronics, Felipe Pulgarin, and host Justin Starbird to explore their solutions benefiting the supply chain.

Since 2008, manufacturers, retailers, and distribution operations worldwide have turned to Inyxa to solve complex supply chain challenges.

Combining operational expertise, current SCM trends, modern technology, and expert project delivery, Inyxa helps their customers gain perspective, create opportunities, and optimize their business processes.

Partnerships are integral to providing holistic value to their customers. Inyxa proudly partners with world-class companies focused on software, hardware, and services that complement their offerings, strengthen their own capabilities and resources, and make their solutions and deliverables more valuable.

“A big part of our business has been the implementation of warehouse management systems,” Jamie explains. “As you can imagine, in warehouse management systems, the crux of a system is barcoding and scanning. Here, we wanted to bring RFID to the table. Software was the only thing on our table at that time, though. So, how do we incorporate best-of-breed RFID hardware with our software and into our solutions? We looked for the right hardware partner to collaborate with, and today, we offer EasyPick, a mobile transactions platform that combines barcoding, scanning, and RFID.”

Combining Inyxa’s capabilities with those of software, hardware, and infrastructure partners such as FEIG Electronics, Inyxa’s EasyPick RFID solutions combine mobile and web-based software with state-of-the-art RFID hardware to offer end-to-end order fulfillment and manufacturing solutions for today’s modern supply chain. This joint RFID solution solves many common asset tracking challenges, allowing companies to achieve increased accuracy, improved efficiency, better utilization, and enhanced security of assets.

Benefits of Inyxa’s EasyPick RFID solutions include:

  • Fixed Asset Tracking
    • Locate assets in real-time
    • Check-in & check-out functionality
    • Built-in alerts dashboard with email and text messaging system
    • Track the directional movement of assets
    • Built-in mobile RFID label printing and label management
  • Inventory & Order Fulfillment Activity
    • Mobile RFID cycle counting
    • Item and SKU-based inventory heat map with warehouse floor schematic
    • Touchless Inventory Move System transactions
    • Track outbound pallets with RFID-enabled alerts for truck loading confirmation
    • Built-in mobile RFID label printing and label management
    • Track serialized items with item-specific EPC tags
    • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Manufacturing Production Tracking
    • Capture manufacturing cycle time, tracking jobs from station to station
    • Touchless WIP completion, WIP moves, and Inventory Move system transactions
    • Track quality and labor metrics with built-in configurable reports and dashboards
  • Built-in mobile RFID label printing and label management
  • Track serialized items with item-specific EPC tags

Implementing RFID into your current practices may seem daunting, overwhelming, or expensive, but Felipe ensures those are all outdated misconceptions.

In a previous episode of the Identify podcast, “The Development & Benefits of RFID in Logistics,” Jason Warschauer, Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics, also discussed common misconceptions surrounding RFID adoption, explaining how RFID overcame a rocky start and preconceived notions to offer the supply chain and logistics industry unforeseen insights, improvements, and efficiencies today.

“Scalability is a huge aspect of this,” explains Felipe. “A lot of times, when we talk with our customers, we try to allay their concerns about using RFID for the first time because they think they have to make a huge investment. We explain to them that RFID is highly scalable; you can add or subtract as you see fit to accommodate your needs. There’s no need to equip the entire warehouse or the entire loading dock to start. Just start with what you need, and then scale up or down and adjust as needed. Being able to provide the customer with the knowledge and comfort that they can adjust later on, I think that makes a big difference for the customer.”

Adding, “What I’ve seen is that once they deploy RFID or initiate the pilot and see how effective it is, that’s what opens up their minds and their eyes to all of the ways in which they can incorporate RFID into other aspects of their business. It grows within the customer itself!”

To hear more about the partnership between FEIG Electronics Inc. and Inyxa and how their joint RFID solutions have improved the modern supply chain, listen to “A Partnership Built to Solve Modern-Day Supply Chain Management Problems” live on The Identify Podcast today!