FEIG & Inyxa: A Collaboration Built to Solve Modern-Day Supply Chain Management Problems


EIG Inyxa Contentimonial

Since 2008, worldwide manufacturers, retailers, and distribution operations have turned to Inyxa to solve complex supply chain challenges.

Combining operational expertise, current SCM trends, modern technology, and expert project delivery, Inyxa helps customers gain perspective, create opportunities, and optimize their business processes.

Partnerships are integral to providing holistic value to their customers. Inyxa proudly partners with world-class companies focused on software, hardware, and services that complement their offerings, strengthen their capabilities and resources, and make their solutions and deliverables more valuable.

“A big part of our business has been implementing warehouse management systems,” Jamie explains. “As you can imagine, in warehouse management systems, the crux of a system is barcoding and scanning. We had shied away from RFID in years past but began hearing some requirements from customers saying they wanted to incorporate RFID.

“We saw that the industry was changing. We wanted to bring RFID to the table through our avenue. Our avenue is software. So, how do we incorporate best-of-breed RFID hardware into our software and create complete solutions?”

The answer was found in a partnership with FEIG Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality RFID readers and antenna systems.

“From day one, working with FEIG Electronics was phenomenal. Our work with them felt very personal, and their team is knowledgeable. Our team asked for and received some equipment that we could start testing on. The FEIG team responded quickly and efficiently whenever we had a question. All of the material was provided to us, and we were able to get the FEIG system up and running with our software very quickly. Anytime we came into a roadblock, FEIG answered the call. We were going in blind a little bit, and I think we ran into good fortune working with this team.”

Jamie Silverman, Director of Sales at Inyxa

“From the FEIG side, it’s been a great partnership. From the very beginning, we clicked. Things went smoothly and moved along really quickly. With Inyxa, from the beginning, they received the hardware, powered it up, and started working with it. It’s refreshing when you have a partner that gets the technology, is motivated, has use cases and customers that need that technology, and can get it to them quickly.”

Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager at FEIG Electronics

Today, FEIG and Inyxa’s collaborative solutions are solving problems, offering customers peace of mind, and improving efficiencies throughout the modern-day supply chain.

“The sky’s the limit with different types of use cases, and we continue to hear about other types of use cases. More than what we could even talk about today.”

To hear more about the initial use case for FEIG and Inyxa’s joint RFID complete solution and the many other ways in which RFID solutions can be implemented throughout the supply chain, listen to “A Partnership Built to Solve Modern-Day Supply Chain Management Problems,” live on The Identify Podcast now!