Improving Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations with Complete RFID Asset Tracking Solutions from FEIG Electronics & MASS Group

Asset Tracking


FEIG Electronics, Inc., an innovative leader in intelligent electronic system solutions, continually strives for improvement and ease of implementation. This desire has led to the development of partnerships that broaden RFID adoption and inspire new products and services.

Today on The Identify Podcast, host Justin Starbird sits down with Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager for FEIG Electronics Inc., and Kevin Ward, Director of Product Development for Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc. (MASS Group, Inc.), a company delivering innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use inventory, production, maintenance, and warehouse management software solutions, to discuss one such partnership.

The two companies recently announced the seamless integration of FEIG Electronics RFID hardware with Traceability Made Easy® (TME®), MASS Groups comprehensive RFID-powered inventory, container, asset, and manufacturing tracking software solution, enabling organizations from all industries to drastically scale manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Read the press release here: FEIG Electronics is proud to partner with MASS Group, Inc. on Traceability Made Easy®.

TME® is a comprehensive tracking system designed to help managers and administrators gain the traceability, visibility, and control they need to manage their most valued assets more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, TME® ‘s Locale Diagram is designed to provide advanced tracking capabilities, the enhanced feature provides a detailed visual representation of facility layouts and asset locations, making it easier to locate and manage inventory in real-time.

The innovative, joint RFID tracking system enables the execution of a variety of operation-enhancing systems, including:

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management Systems – Manage inventory and stock availability throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): – Track, monitor, and control the factory floor’s production process and data flow.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) – Organize and automate all equipment maintenance and service with one tool.
  • RFID Asset Tracking Systems – Locate and control the movement of your assets using RFID.
  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM) – Manage and locate assets over their life cycle.
  • Quality Systems – Ensure consistent product quality with reduced defects.

The system’s construction allows for the deployment of the software in full or modularly, as well as through multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures. And thanks to partnerships with companies like FEIG Electronics, RFID and barcode hardware and technologies may also be combined with TME® to further enhance asset tracking, scalability, and overall system performance.

RFID systems and solutions, such as TME®, offer insight and improvement throughout warehouse and supply chain operations.

Warehouse & Logistics

Accurately tracking all on-hand inventory and asset/product movement is essential in the warehousing industry. RFID enables organizations to integrate automated systems to optimize and enhance the warehouse workplace, allowing you to easily track raw materials, finished goods, pallets, or storage tanks.

Inventory Management

Improving productivity is a continuous goal in the world of inventory management. Using an RFID inventory system can revolutionize how businesses allocate, store, and move goods such as spare parts, consumables, containers, and bills of materials.

Maintenance & Field Management

RFID brings real-time asset location information, error-free data capture, and efficient processes and management to the world of maintenance and field service with the traceability of tooling, spare parts, vehicles, and fleets.


RFID significantly improves security, lowers shipping mistakes, and increases product accessibility within a supply chain by allowing you to easily track supplies, ongoing projects, quality assurance, machinery, tools, and personnel.


RFID allows for the tracking and management of the movement and location of people and goods—easily track vehicles, fleets, containers, vessels, and spare parts.

Tracking assets and satisfying reporting requirements imposed by industry compliance standards and legal requirements are common challenges facing most industries today. Since only a few organizations have automated these processes, simple tasks such as identifying, locating, and reconciling assets have become disruptive to daily operations. As a result, unnecessary time and money are wasted on processes and procedures that could easily be digitized, managed, and improved with RFID solutions such as those from MASS Group and FEIG Electronics.

To hear more about TME®, the innovative, complete RFID system offered by MASS Group and FEIG Electronics, as well as its benefits to manufacturing and warehouse operations, listen to “A Partnership That’s Improving Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations” at RFID Reader News by FEIG.