By collaborating with FEIG Electronics, MASS Group is revolutionizing manufacturing and warehouse operations

Asset Tracking

FEIG MASS Group Contentimonial

For over 20 years, Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc., DBA MASS Group, Inc., has served customers in both the commercial and public sectors with its innovative, cloud-based software. Their flagship product, Traceability Made Easy® (TME®), provides customers with a comprehensive suite of software to track, monitor, and maintain assets and machinery.

Built on a single, unified foundation, TME® provides customers with functionality surrounding MES/MOM, CMMS/EAM, Asset Tracking, Inventory & Warehouse Management, and Quality Control applications. The system can be deployed modularly or in total, as well as via multi-tenant or multi-instant architectures. 

Additionally, thanks to partnerships with companies like FEIG Electronics, RFID and barcode hardware and technologies may also be combined with TME® to further enhance asset tracking, scalability, and overall system performance.

“We’ve rebuilt our RFID software so that it can support modern things like multiplexing and multiple brands within our product,” Kevin explains. “Today, it is a fully integrated experience. We’ve been really excited about our partnership with FEIG to complement and scale our product for our customers.”

– Kevin Ward, Director of Product Development at MASS Group, Inc.

Adding, “One thing that’s really exciting about our partnership with FEIG is that our product is focused on barcode and RFID integration throughout the system, and we are one of the few providers that offer seamless transitions in our product. For example, you may have a static RFID reader in one room and also want to scan outside without setting up permanent readers, so you can use a handheld RFID reader. Maybe you also want to put things on an exact shelf; you can scan barcodes for that. We have a seamless transition between all three of those in our product. The FEIG product line really complements that.”

“I’m excited to have people hear about our partnership with MASS Group and their software solution, TME®, Traceability Made Easy®. We have been leveraging them a lot with our customers who are looking for a full software RFID solution. It’s great to have these guys as a partner.”

   – Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager for FEIG Electronics Inc.

Highlighting, “For us, it’s been a huge benefit. We have customers in factories or warehouses who are looking for a complete RFID solution. They want to see software. They want to have a program. They want to be able to see a map of where the choke points are. That’s where we pull in MASS Group. I can set up a call with them, they can do a demo with the customer, and that helps to convince the customer that they are dealing with the right types of companies as partners on their projects.”

“Pretty quickly after meeting with Felipe, I realized that FEIG is a company that I want to partner with. For all of our clients, for anybody looking for RFID, the key is to have a good partner.”

– Kevin Ward, Director of Product Development at MASS Group Inc.

To learn more about the partnership between FEIG Electronics and MASS Group, as well as the benefits of their complete RFID asset tracking system, check out A Partnership That’s Improving Manufacturing and Warehouse Operations” at RFID Reader News by FEIG.