Support Your Medical Professionals Better!

Feig Electronics

Hospital Personnel Podcast

We have heard it before: there aren’t enough medical professionals in the industry today. There are massive numbers of job openings and not enough people to fill them. Burnout, employee retention, and retirement are all hot topics around the water cooler. How do we support our existing healthcare workers better?

Did you know? Nurses spend thirty percent of their time looking for things to help them do their job. Did you know? Many supplies are over-ordered by 30% annually because medical professionals don’t know current inventories. It’s no wonder that these are significant issues affecting the healthcare industry.

Jason Warshauer, Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics, joined The Identify Podcast today to talk about these critical issues and how RFID Technology can help with some of the mundane tasks burdening our healthcare professionals. 

Tune in to hear how FEIG Electronics supports medical professionals and patients using workflow automation, tracking, and more.