Securing Healthcare: Exploring RFID Technology and Anti-Counterfeiting

Feig Electronics

Anti-Counterfeiting Podcast

Debbie Greenway, the Executive Vice President of FEIG Electronics, made a special appearance on The Identify Podcast to discuss a prominent presence in the healthcare market, specifically in anti-counterfeiting.

During this episode, Debbie shares her insight on the crucial role of RFID technology in ensuring data protection. With the ability of RFID technology to effectively track data servers, support IT infrastructure, and safeguard sensitive patient information, it is critical in upholding security and preserving privacy.

Another hot topic in the healthcare industry that Debbie addresses is device identification. She provided an in-depth exploration of this area and various related topics, offering valuable insights to the listeners. 

Make sure to tune-in and discover more about how FEIG Electronics partners with their customers to position RFID in their work environments.