Employee Spotlight: Christian Hahn’s Journey Towards RFID Excellence at FEIG Electronics

Feig Electronics

Who is FEIG - Christian

In this episode of “Who is FEIG,” we are joined by Christian Hahn, the dedicated Director of Business Development at FEIG Electronics. With his unwavering passion and expertise, Christian spearheads the advancement of our RFID solutions. Christian’s odyssey into the world of RFID technology commenced in the early 2000s. In 2014, he significantly shifted from spearheading video solutions to embracing RFID technology, captivated by its potential as the logical progression from traditional barcoding methods.

Christian excels in understanding customer needs, vetting opportunities, and delivering tailored solutions, all while building trust through relationships. He simplifies complex RFID concepts, emphasizing real benefits.

At FEIG Electronics, Christian found a perfect fit. He appreciates the company’s customer-first ethos, collaborative atmosphere, and colleagues who consistently go the extra mile. Christian sees immense potential in RFID technology, especially in the healthcare, food, and pharmaceutical sectors, driving his enthusiasm and dedication to shaping the future of RFID solutions.

Beyond the confines of RFID technology, Christian is a devoted family man, finding balance and purpose in moments with his wife and children. His love for sports extends from being a former tennis player to coaching his 15-year-old son’s soccer team. Additionally, Christian is an avid fitness enthusiast, completing over a thousand rides on his Peloton bike, where he discovers motivation and personal growth.

Tune in to discover more about Christian’s diverse interests, commitment, and inspiration inside and outside the workplace.