FEIG Electronics Reveals Three New Advanced RFID Solutions

Feig Electronics

Product Press Release

Duluth, GA – November 13, 2023 – FEIG Electronics, a trailblazer in RFID technology solutions, proudly unveils three groundbreaking products to redefine contactless data exchange across diverse applications. The latest additions to FEIG’s repertoire include the ID PAD74-U USB Pad Reader, the ID ANT240/180 Pad Antenna, and the ID ANTS240/180 Shielded Pad Antenna.

ID PAD74 USB Pad Reader with USB Interface

The new compact pad ID PAD74 emerges as a meticulously designed USB pad reader, catering to contactless data exchange with widely used HF transponders. Its sleek and compact design, integrated HF reader, and USB interface allow it to seamlessly connect to laptops or desktop PCs. Tailored for desktop applications in libraries and offices, the ID PAD74 tracks books and documents and identifies lendable items during check-out or return processes.

It supports ISO 15693 and ISO 14443-A/B compatible transponders and opens up versatile applications, including check-in and check-out of books in libraries, access control, and user ID card detection. The read range for individual transponders extends up to 19 cm.

The ID PAD74’s distinctive design ensures that transponders are detected solely within the antenna area and in close proximity to the housing.

Critical status indicators, including “run,” “tag detect,” or “error information,” are conveniently showcased on the front panel through three LEDs in green, red, and blue. 

The FEIG standard protocol, compatible with all other readers, seamlessly utilizes the complimentary FEIG standard SDK/DLLs, facilitating easy integration into existing background systems.

ID ANT240/180 Pad Antenna

Carefully designed as an exceptionally flat and compact antenna, the ID ANT240/180 caters specifically to contactless data exchange with standard RFID transponders. Its outstanding performance and refined design leave a lasting impression. Despite its compact footprint, the antenna boasts an impressive read range of up to 42 cm for individual transponders.

Due to its reduced footprint and low profile, the antenna seamlessly integrates into any workspace without causing disruption. These characteristics render it ideal for desktop applications in offices, libraries, and file/document tracking. 

The ID ANT240/180 antenna is capable of establishing a direct connection to a reader using the provided coaxial cable. To indicate various states such as “run” or “tag detect,” the blue LED can be activated by supplying DC voltage to the antenna output of the reader (e.g., ID MR102, ID LR1002).

Additionally, it is available in a shielded version, recognized as the ID ANTS240/180 antenna, and as an antenna with an integrated reader module known as ID PAD74-U.

ID ANTS240/180 Shielded Pad Antenna

Engineered as a compact, remarkably flat, and shielded antenna, the ID ANTS240/180 is crafted for contactless data exchange with prevalent HF transponders. Its impressive performance and sophisticated design make a lasting impact, thriving even in challenging industrial or metallic environments. Acting as a fully shielded antenna with a focused detection field ensures that only items directly positioned on the antenna will be recognized.

Thanks to its integrated shielding, the ID ANTS240/180 minimizes interferences between multiple antennas by allowing transponders to register exclusively within the antenna area. Furthermore, its immunity to the installation on metallic or conductive surfaces broadens its usability in environments typically considered unsuitable.

Exceptional performance and contemporary design enable ID ANTS240/180 to shine in desktop applications in offices, libraries, and in metal or industrial environments. It excels in tracking files or documents and detecting lendable items at check-out or return points, with a read range for individual transponders reaching up to 23 cm.

The ID ANTS240/180 antenna directly connects to a reader using the provided coaxial cable. For indicating various states such as “run” or “tag detect,” the blue LED can be activated by supplying DC voltage to the antenna output of the reader, for instance, using models like ID MR102 or ID LR1002.

Additionally, it is offered in an unshielded version as the ID ANT240/180 antenna and as an antenna with an integrated reader module known as ID PAD74-U.

FEIG Electronics continues to pioneer RFID technology, offering compact, powerful, and versatile solutions for various applications. For more detailed information about these innovative products and FEIG Electronics’ comprehensive range of RFID solutions, please contact dgreenway@feig-electronics.com.


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