Employee Spotlight: Jason Warschauer – Leading RFID Quality at FEIG Electronics

Feig Electronics

Who is FEIG

In this episode of “Who is FEIG,” we have the pleasure of featuring Jason Warschauer, the Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics. With over 20 years of experience, Jason is a key player celebrated for his innovation, problem-solving skills, and dedication.

In maintaining FEIG Electronics’ excellent reputation, Jason plays a crucial role. His commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and innovative solutions have driven our success, aligning with our core values and industry standards.

Beyond his technical skills, Jason is a collaborative mentor, inspiring creative thinking. His innovative mindset has been vital in pioneering RFID solutions, positioning FEIG Electronics as an industry leader.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jason’s unexpected passion is barbershop singing, showcasing his diverse talents and bringing a refreshing perspective to our workplace.

Jason Warschauer’s journey at FEIG Electronics reflects his commitment, skills, and innovation. As a leader and team player, he embodies our ethos of excellence. We’re privileged to have Jason on our team, and his ongoing contributions shape the future of FEIG Electronics and RFID technology.

Tune in to discover more about Jason’s commitment and interests inside and outside the workplace.