Uniting for Manufacturing Magic


Enpro Podcast

On the latest episode of The Identify Podcast, we continue looking at the dynamic world of industry partnerships and innovations. Today, we’re exploring the collaboration between Enpro Inc. and FEIG with Grant Cook, President, and Scott Nicholson, Automation Group Manager for Enpro Inc. In a competitive world, Enpro Inc. and FEIG combine to streamline processes, minimize waste, and boost productivity to maintain their edge. 

Enpro Inc., a steadfast advocate for American manufacturing, integrates global solutions to keep U.S. manufacturers globally competitive. They understand that efficiency is crucial in the manufacturing landscape, and their commitment to streamlining processes, minimizing waste, and boosting productivity sets them apart.

Enter FEIG Electronics, RFID technology experts. Renowned for its cutting-edge RFID readers and antennas, their dedication to excellence has made them the go-to choice for companies seeking innovative RFID solutions, especially in manufacturing.

But what happens when these two forces unite? 

Magic in the form of innovation. The collaboration between Enpro Inc. and FEIG Electronics was born out of a shared mission: to tackle a critical challenge in manufacturing processes. Enpro Inc. identified the need to detect small plastic parts in filling machines, which is crucial for preventing costly downtime and hazards. And who better to engineer a solution than FEIG Electronics, with their unparalleled expertise in RFID technology?

Join us on this incredible journey as we explore how Enpro Inc. and FEIG Electronics are changing manufacturing, one innovative solution at a time. Discover how this collaboration sets new standards for efficiency, productivity, and innovation.