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FEIG Smart Ordering Solution

Duration 55 min

Smart Ordering Solution using Barcode + RFID Readers for Warehouse and Logistics

The Smart Order Solution from FEIG eliminates ordering errors, increases efficiency and unlocks additional profitability. We will share case studies from Wurth using the Smart Order Solution for their customers to easily reorder tools and supplies.  FEIG will also demonstrate the newly released HyWEAR compact™ a hybrid RFID + barcode wearable.


Duration 40 min

Safety Considerations for Embedding RFID in Medical Devices

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain testing insights for complying with ISO 60601 standards for embedding RFID into medical devices. Learn how FEIG ELECTRONICS has helped solved some of the RF testing and safety considerations for applications with RF enabled medical devices.

​Contactless Paym​ent

Duration 64 min

Roadmap To Open Payment Systems for Transit

Discover how TriMet is staying ahead of the curve with its next generation contactless fare collection. Gain vital insights from Chris Tucker, Director, Revenue Operations at TriMet on the deployment of Hop Fastpass electronic fare system. 

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Casino Table Management RFID | FEIG Electronics

Duration 43 min

Intelligent Table Management for Casino Table Game Operators

Josh Hoyt, consultant of Gear Head Associates and Klaus Schoeke, Vice President of Technical Sales and Support for FEIG Electronics will present how Fortiss is using the latest Intelligent Table Management to provide high-fidelity data from smart chip tracking to player’s analytics for several casinos in California.

​Access Control
Vehicle Identification | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Duration 35 min

Enhance Security While Saving Costs of Vehicle Identification in Parking

Vehicle access into a gated parking area is accomplished by one of two methods; optically using cameras to read a license plate or wirelessly using a RFID tag. Only one of these methods is secure and 100% accurate.

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Duration 59 min

Benchmark UHF Long Range Reader Comparison for EPC C1G2

How do the leading RAIN readers perform regarding data capture rates, anti-collision performance, antenna multiplexing efficiency, and sensitivity in a dense reader environment? You might be surprised.​​​​​


Duration 45 min

How Sunnybrook Hospital Implemented RFID Patient Tracking

Hear Ellie Lee, Information Management Business Manager at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, share how her team developed a new software platform and installed an RFID system to track patients' progress in and out of operating rooms.

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Stop the Blame Game When RFID is Not Working | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Duration 42 min

Who Gets Blamed When RFID is Not Working?

How to reduce RFID errors when using UHF (RAIN RFID) technology. Sometimes the fix is quite simple if you know what you are looking for.