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Access Control

Secure Systems to Protect Sensitive Areas | FEIG ELECTRONICS

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been developing and manufacturing identification electronics for more than 50 years.  Due to our experiences in both security and payment systems,  we are able to provide special requirements for secure authentication of vehicles, persons or assets.

Our customers are system integrators who offer RFID-based security systems for access control or perimeter protection. and closed loop payment systems are available for parking, transportation, and at point of sales in shops or canteens of companies or universities.

For secure vehicle access control systems, we offer maintenance-free UHF tags and UHF Long Range Readers with an integrated secure element that protects the system against cloned transponders. Only if the reader identifies an authorized, original tag the controller tells the barrier system to open the barrier.

We provide solutions for companies wanting 100% secure systems to protect a sensitive area against unauthorized access.  This could be the protection of a PC, workstation or machine against unauthorized operation or the management of access to facilities resp. single rooms within these facilities.

Our slogan of this show is “Let´s realize your vision!” We are looking forward to supplying the right technology and support to realize YOUR vision.