Upgrade Vehicle Access Control Technology for Greater Security, Speed and Accuracy

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Older Technology Has an Opportunity Cost

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” goes the old adage, but in the case of vehicle access control technology, there may be good reasons to “fix” older systems still in operation.

Historically, vehicle access control systems have been based on radio transmitter, keypad, barcode or license plate recognition technology. When RFID came on the scene, it revealed major lost opportunities. In one tolling example, RFID implementation resulted in a 99 percent improvement in accuracy over six months.

Getting the Most for a Vehicle Access Investment

Gated communities and fee-based parking facilities invest heavily in access control systems. It may seem prudent to extend the use of older systems, but they are typically easily hackable and not secure. Shared keypad PINs, garage-door-style radio transmitters and license plate and barcode tags could be costing you.

And then there is contactless access. The trend was growing before COVID-19, but in the post-COVID world, customer satisfaction means touchless access.

RFID with UCODE DNA Offers Huge Benefits Over Traditional Technologies

FEIG’s long-range readers with UCODE DNA deliver over other technologies in a number of ways:

  • Security. Security is critical, especially with financial transactions such as parking fees. RFID tags placed on vehicles are encrypted to the highest data security standard.
  • Speed. To read, visual detection systems have to slow down plate recognition. Longrange RFID readers are built to function in highspeed situations.
  • Accuracy. Environmental factors affect license plate recognition accuracy, costing you in reliability and revenue. RFID uses Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to ensure data accuracy.
  • Dual lane capability. FEIG long range readers are able to manage two lanes. The reduced number of readers saves time with easy installation and cost with a reduced number of readers.
  • Compatibility. FEIG’s RFID readers are compatible with existing access control panels, saving cost in system upgrades.

It costs to upgrade vehicle access control systems, but it also costs to use outdated technology. FEIG’s RFID vehicle access control readers mean accurate data, better customer service and greater security.

Contact FEIG today to learn more about RFID vehicle access control solutions with UCODE DNA.

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