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Vehicle Identification | FEIG ELECTRONICS

Vehicle identification to control access into a gated parking area is accomplished by one of two methods; optically using cameras to read a vehicle license plate or wirelessly using a radio frequency tag. FEIG ELECTRONICS analyzed ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition system) versus RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on key vehicle access control features and recommended the most secure and cost-effective solution for automatic vehicle identification.  Find out which one of these methods is most secure and accurate, provides best multiple lane coverage and costs less to implement and maintain.  We provided the information in both a webinar and white paper format.

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Michael Hrabina, Executive Vice President of FEIG Electronics, compares some main characteristics: provisioning, detection rate, data accuracy, environmental immunity, multiple lanes handling and security.  In addition, learn about the FEIG’s SIA award winning Wiegand Switch, which was recently introduced at IPI 2018 International Parking Show.

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Download the White paperAdvanced Vehicle Identification | FEIG ELECTRONICS

In this white paper, “Automated Vehicle Identification for Tolling and Parking: RFID vs ANPR”, FEIG ELECTRONICS compares the attributes of two AVI (automated vehicle identification) technologies available in the market today  and recommends the most secure and cost-effective solution for automatic vehicle identification.


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