2018 Call for FEIG Partners

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FEIG Partners & Training

FEIG Training

Are you interested in attending a live FEIG reader and antenna training class?   It has been some time since we have held this program in the U. S. and we are receiving a growing number of requests to schedule a seminar. Past attendees have awarded very high marks for the in-depth and eye-opening technical details on how RFID technology works and how FEIG products are configured to optimize performance.  Please email here (info@feig-electronics.com) if you are interested in training and would like to receive information on the upcoming seminar to be held in the fall 2018.

FEIG Partners

If you are not an existing FEIG ELECTRONICS partner we would be honored to grow the relationship throughout the next year. Our success is measured in the number of relationships forged through collaboration, networking and partnerships that enable us to build a strong foundation to grow our business.  We only sell through the channel so partners are key to our success. It is our hope that the outstanding performance of the FEIG product line, combined with our superior level of sales and technical support, earns your respect and trust that we dearly value.   

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    Great news for partners.

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