Holy Grail Unveiled at the Global Gaming Expo for Intelligent Table Management

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Intelligent Table Management | Holy Grail

A solution so advanced that it can accurately and securely track chips without slowing down the speed of play to provide business insights on table games

Las Vegas, NV — October 3rd, 2018 —Holy Grail Technologies, Inc. will be unveiling their Intelligent Table Management (ITM) solution, at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, October 9-11th, 2018.  The Holy Grail is an intuitive system that combines RFID technology, smart RFID chips and video surveillance to provide real-time casino analytics.  The Holy Grail system will be at the Global Gaming Expo, Abbiati Booth #3423.  Abbiati is the provider of the state-of-the art RFID embedded casino chips and casino table felt solutions integral to Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail system utilizes the latest industry-standard RFID technology, ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 technology, embedded in smart chips to provide an unobtrusive system that reliably tracks actual wins and losses for every hand, delivering hard data. The system seamlessly integrates with existing overhead video surveillance cameras, creating an augmented reality that functions intuitively. This allows security to be managed through an event-based review process, providing a record of activity taking place on the floor at any given time.  The security team can also monitor the action from anywhere and respond to specific events in real-time.

“Although there have been many technological advances into calculating factors such as, hands per hour, win-to-loose ratio, table volume, house edge, and player’s performance statistics; the technology has fallen short…until now,” said Josh Hoyt, Chief Technology Officer at Holy Grail Technologies. “The Holy Grail finally brings a way to solve this historic challenge in an accurate and reliable way that offers endless applications to the casino industry.”

The origin of Holy Grail began eight years ago as a collaborative effort with multiple patents that includes “smart” RFID chips and printed table felt manufactured by Abbiati Casino Equipment, and RFID reader hardware supplied by FEIG Electronics. The team includes veteran product designers with experience in RF technology, enterprise software, digital signal processing, manufacturing at scale, usability, and information management.   Holy Grail is currently in use in two California card rooms where the system processes over a million events per month for each casino.

“FEIG’s long range HF RFID readers were the only solution powerful and fast to accurately and securely track chips without slowing down the speed of play while provides business insights on table games, at speeds over 300 chips per second,” stated Forrest Seitz, lead hardware architect of Holy Grail Technologies.

The solution is described in a white paper “LOOKING FOR THE HOLY GRAIL?  Casino Table Game Operators Get Intelligent Table Management Equivalent to Slot Machines” available at Abbiti’s booth #3423 as well as online for download at RFID Reader News.  A live webinar with Josh Hoyt of Holy Grail Technologies and Klaus Schoeke from FEIG ELECTRONICS will take place October 24th at 9am CDT, register at RFID Reader News.

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FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, is one of the few suppliers worldwide offering RFID readers and antennas for all standard operating frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz). A trusted pioneer in RFID with more than 50 years of industry experience, FEIG delivers unrivaled data collection, authentication and identification solutions, as well as secure contactless payment systems. FEIG readers, which are available for plug-in, desktop and handheld applications, support next-generation contactless credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, NFC and access control credentials to enable fast, accurate, reliable and secure transactions. For more information, visit: www.feig-electronics.com/en.


Holy Grail is a new company created to commercialize unique RFID technology designed from the ground up for the gaming industry.  Founded by John Park, the owner and operator of ParkWest Casinos, this technology has been tested extensively in “live” environments.  For further information, please visit www.holygrailgaming.com


ABBIATI provides a total turnkey solution to International casino operators. Abbiati’s product portfolio consists of all gaming tables: Roulette, BlackJack, Poker, Baccarat and Craps. All styles of High precision Roulette wheels incorporating Laser Sensor Technology. Gaming Chips, Value chips and Wheel Checks, Plaques and Jetons incorporating RFID Technology which allows the casino to have Total Control over all Chip, Plaque and Jeton movements ensuring security and confirmation of Product with online chip inventory for all transactions throughout the Casino. Abbiati also stock all associated accessories, 100% wool and microfine table layouts, Casino Cards, Paper and 100% plastic, and more. For further information, please visit www.abbiati.com

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    Can your rfid antenna adopt to the current layouts of casinos here in Asia esp the Philippines. The spacing in baccarat layout between player and banker is so close. Can your rfid antenna identify the player and banker bets exclusively? What casinos at present use your rfid technology in the table games like baccarat?

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