PTS ClearStream RFID Reviews the FEIG U500 UHF Directional Reader Solution

Asset Tracking

FEIG U500 UHF Directional Reader Solution

Recently, Howie Heckman, lead engineer, and Brad Horn, CEO and co-founder of Portable Technology Solutions (PTS), linked up the new UHF Directional Reader Solution by FEIG ELECTRONICS with their ClearStream RFID Software. In addition to the review information here, the video produced goes on to further explain and shows off the device’s capabilities and features.

Introduced by FEIG Electronic in 2018, the UHF Directional Reader Solution is capable of identifying the direction and location that a specific RFID tag is moving, even in overly congested situations.

This device features superior 3-D and RFID rates, and the reader is an affordable solution, which makes it ideal for a wide array of industries, including healthcare, access control, logistics, event management and pharmaceutical inventory tracking.

Here you can learn more about the benefits offered by tracking direction with the fixed RFID when you use the newly released UHF long range reader with direction by FEIG Electronics.

What it Reads

The complete reader solution offered by FEIG has the ability to read UHF RFID EPC Class 1 Gen2 as well as ISO 18000-6C tags. It also includes the RFID antenna and the reader in a single housing, producing high-level read performances, along with 3-D detection.

Cleaner Installation Using the UHF Directional Reader Solution

Traditionally, to track directionality of RFID tags in the past required use of a four-port UHF RFID reader.  However, that approach required mounting and cabling individual antennas to the reader.  Plus, the added labor to mount, interface and calibrate all that hardware.

The UHF Directional Reader Solution is a single, pre-calibrated device that has been equipped with comprehensive services software that determines the directionality.  The modern design ensures it can be mounted directly to a wall or celling, offering a discreet appearance. The device is a nice clean installation.  There are only two wires, one to power the unit and another to connect to its LAN interface, so it’s an easy and clean installation.

Abilities of the UHF Directional Reader Solution

The UHF Directional Reader Solution has the ability to track both assets and people in real time, which makes it a smart option for any industrial setting where logistical tracking is needed. For example, a person wearing a RFID badge can walk down the hall with a RFID tagged object and the device can quickly and easily determine the direction a tagged asset and associate it with a person and the last known location and direction the object is moving. The new reader even has the ability to track the flow of patients in any crowded office or hospital as they are moving through a busy hall and can be used for monitoring what patients are coming into or out of a surgical suite.  All the data can be directly saved into Clearstream to setup a track and trace database with time and date stamps.

Key Features of the Device

FEIG is making is easier for system integrators to tie the RFID reader directly into their software.  The key features of this device include the following:

  • Clean Installation that does not require a highly trained RFID specialist to adjust antennas.
  • Plug-and-Play flexibility for the IT integration with SDK’s for Java, Linux, Windows platforms.
  • Ethernet or USB interfaces
  • A modern design that blends into the mounting location with built in bracket for ceiling and wall mounting.
  • Long-range performance for the RFID features
  • Direction detection feature of the RFID transponder
  • Internationally certified for IC, ETSI and FCC
  • Integrated antenna and reader in the same housing
  • Fast 3-D read rates
  • Easy to install
  • Various mounting solutions including the VESA bracket
  • Dimensions of the device are 506mm x 275mm x 103mm


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    Klaus, this looks like a really great reader from FEIG. What type of power is required for the reader?

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