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Smart Ordering Solution

Smart Order Solution: fast, easy, accurate

In today’s fast-paced world, ordering goods and production materials can be extremely challenging.  Even with smartphones and e-commerce systems, inventory and stock management involve a great deal of time and money.  Unfortunately, mistakes in the ordering process are all too common.

Today, there is a smarter way to place an order.  By bringing the process right to the stocked shelves and directly scanning the product that you need, your customer can now purchase materials with 100% accuracy; typically saving 35% of your ordering costs.

Watch the replay of the Webinar and find out how to achieve:

  • Easy and transparent inventory management
  • Elimination of mistakes and costly returns
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty

Avoid human errors

Customers depend on the fast and precise delivery of products, materials, and office supplies in order to run their businesses successfully. That is why every incorrect order is a huge disappointment.  Manual ordering is prone to human error, which often leads to item numbers being overlooked, mixed up, written illegibly, or incorrectly communicated. 

Some purchasing and operations managers make inventory decisions “on the fly” when ordering and rely on predetermined ordering intervals that don’t represent real-time operations. Inevitably this results in:

  • Out-of-stock items
  • Excess inventory
  • Business profits decline
  • Increased shipping costs
  • Expensive returns
  • Dissatisfied customers

Even with other “automatic” ordering systems, additional manual orders are still necessary because of online shopping offers and customer orders placed by phone or email. These “offline” order contributions cost valuable time and significantly increase the risk of transferring inaccurate data and ordering the wrong product.

Today’s smart scanner

A smart scanner is a “must have” in any inventory and order management system, making ordering absolutely quick and simple with 100% accuracy.

Without the ease of a barcode scanner, users are required to manually collect part numbers, get to a computer to open the e-commerce site, authenticate to the site, search for part numbers one by one, and fill out the shopping cart.

Typically, a user does not remember part numbers and has to search by product names instead. This requires extra diligence to identify the exact product, leading to a high risk of selecting the wrong product or product variant.

The right scanner helps prevent mistakes from the start because the personnel in the field can now collect and store part numbers encoded in barcodes. 

Scanning can now be performed from:

  • The catalog
  • Directly from the product itself
  • At the warehouse shelf

By pushing one button, a barcode can be scanned and the product added to an ordering cart.  After all desired products have been detected, the scanner can connect to any Windows-based computer with an internet connection.  In just a few seconds, data that is 100% accurate is transferred to your e-commerce system shopping card.  The user can see and verify all items scanned before clicking the “order” button to place the order. With the right equipment and software, the completed process is achieved in less than one minute with limited errors.  If desired, ordering information can be communicated via email instead of e-commerce systems.

The ideal ordering system

A good ordering system is characterized by its flexibility.  Through the Internet, users are able to send barcode and RFID data from any of the smart scanners directly to wherever it needs to be sent — and from anywhere in the world — without any installation or manual effort.

The perfect ordering system should not require special software or any additional drivers for the application.  This saves substantial time and money since your IT department doesn’t need to spend time on software integration, adding drivers, downloading updates, or training.  An application can run automatically sending data to the e-commerce site and the shopping card cart can be open a web browser.

Today, these devices can interface with ERP-systems, web-based shops, and Microsoft office programs. With bidirectional data exchange between scanners, smartphones, tablets, terminals, and web servers, the data is always synchronized and up-to-date in real-time on all current equipment.

Such applications can manage barcode (1D/2D) input, and RFID (LF/HF/UHF) labeled enterprise resources even typed part number entry.  The system can be used for:

  • Placing orders
  • Tracking resources
  • Registering incoming and outgoing goods
  • Inventory control
  • Stock management

The Smart Order Solution from FEIG eliminates ordering errors, increases efficiency and unlocks additional profitability. The proof?  The system will typically repay its cost after just one month in use.

Learn more, read our case studies from Wurth using the Smart Order Solution for their customers to easily reorder tools and supplies. 

Watch the replay of the Webinar and find out how to achieve:

  • Easy and transparent inventory management
  • Elimination of mistakes and costly returns
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty
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