Is Your Vehicle Access System a Liability? Top Five Vehicle Access Control Costs

Access Control

Vehicle access systems are designed to consistently increase security, protect parking availability, and collect data. When that doesn’t happen, your asset becomes a liability.

Whether your facility is a hotel, an apartment complex, a business or a gated community, customers rely on the vehicle access system for a feeling of safety and protection. When parking systems are outdated, they break down or malfunction more frequently and customers feel the opposite.

How often have you visited a gated community to find the security gates standing wide open? It’s not a good customer experience, and customer experience is critically important to business success these days.

Vehicle access systems that fall short cause more than a little inconvenience.

Top Five Vehicle Access Control Costs.

  • Reputation. When access gates don’t work, frustrated users make different choices, and that costs you. They also share on social media and that costs you more.
  • Data Collection. With vehicle access data, you can bill users, track traffic, and make decisions about your business. When pieces are missing, you lose revenue and data has less meaning.
  • Administrative burden. When an employee must stand at a gate to admit users, make calls for service, or spend hours with complicated software, productivity for the important things suffers.
  • Security. Vehicle access should ensure security for customers. When gates stand open due to outages, security suffers, and customers take notice.  
  • Technology Replacement. Replacing an outdated license plate recognition, mag card or PIN pad system? Choosing the same technology gets you the same old problems.

Make Sure Your Parking System Is an Asset

There are many types of vehicle access systems, including PIN pad, license plate recognition, key fob-activated, garage door opener-type and mag card. State-of-the-art vehicle access systems use touchless RFID technology.

Reliable, accurate RFID vehicle access control solutions from FEIG give you years of secure service through all types of weather. Get the highest reliability and uptime with FEIG precision technology. Power over internet (PoE) and offline mode keep the data coming.  User experience is top-of-mind for most businesses these days. Improve your customers’ experience with a reliable, accurate vehicle access solution from FEIG.

For more information about FEIG RFID vehicle access control solutions, contact FEIG at 770-491-8060.

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