RFID Solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification and Access

Access Control

The Identify Podcast, hosted by Justin Starbird and powered by FEIG Electronics, features interviews with FEIG Electronics industry leaders on RFID technology, contactless identification, trends, and innovation in the fast-moving space.

With over 50 years of industry experience, FEIG offers a wide range of RFID solutions for authentication and identification in a variety of industries.

Manuel Haertlé, senior product manager for FEIG Electronics, joins us to discuss automatic vehicle identification and vehicle access control

FEIG’s RFID solutions make vehicle identification, access control, and parking management convenient, economical, and extremely secure with products that can be integrated into existing access solutions or used as stand-alone systems.

One feature that distinguishes FEIG’s solutions from others on the market is their holistic approach, which includes providing complete systems for vehicle identification and access from a single source.

“We offer different high-tech components to our solution providers and system integrators to build a complete system and solution,” explains Manuel.

“On the one hand, we offer the RFID equipment, and on the other hand, we also offer the products to support it.

“For example, we have barrier controllers, gate and door controllers, and products to open barriers. We also offer sensors, loop detectors and so on to identify and classify cars in traffic management environments. In the parking industry, we offer payment solutions as well. We can provide numerous components to create a complete system and meet all of your needs.”

Additionally, FEIG boasts over 30 years of experience with RFID devices and components, ensuring the long-term availability of many of their products.

“Typically, our products are available for more than 10 years. Some products have been in our portfolio for over 20 years. This is very beneficial for our customers. They can rely on these products, believe and trust in them, and build up their systems.”

FEIG also provides unrivaled support in addition to its products.

“We have a customer support team both in the US and in Germany,” explains Manuel. “This is very important to support our customers during the development, the integration, and then at the end when the system is running in the field.”

“In my opinion, solution providers and system integrators are the most important components at the most critical stage of product integration. This is the period where these companies can save a lot of money by getting the right support at the right time with the right tools.”

“We offer a lot of software tools to implement and integrate our devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a payment terminal, an RFID system, a door controller, or a detector. Solution providers and system integrators will receive the same software tools from our side to integrate these products into their systems, and then they will receive direct support from our colleagues either in Germany or the US to integrate the products and systems.”

“Our customers also have the opportunity to visit and to join regular training sessions. Two times a year, we invite our new customers to our facility for technical training to get familiar with our products. Then after this, we’re more or less in the second or third level of support when problems might pop up in the field or when they change something in their system and need additional support or have questions.”

Alongside FEIG’s holistic approach, years of expertise, and top-notch customer support, they are ever-evolving, and continually seeking new products and ways in which to improve upon their systems and products.

“We are always asking ourselves, ‘where do our customers have a need?’ When we talk about the various applications here, we see what new technologies are appearing on the market as well, also on the RFID equipment side. We’ll keep an eye on new ideas and new products. As I told you, we have a lot of engineers with very good ideas. We are working on new things and new products.”

To learn more about FEIG’s RFID products and solutions for automatic vehicle identification and access, visit the Automatic Vehicle Identification page on their website and listen to “RFID Solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification and Access” live on The Identify Podcast now!


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