Employee Spotlight: Christian Hahn – Driving RFID Excellence at FEIG Electronics

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Who is FEIG - Christian

At FEIG Electronics, we take pride in our passionate and dedicated team members who drive innovation and excellence in the world of RFID technology. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Christian Hahn, our Director of Business Development, who plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of RFID solutions.

Meet Christian Hahn

With a rich background in the technical space, Christian joined FEIG Electronics in April, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm for RFID solutions. Having cut his teeth in the industry during the early 2000s, working on pioneering video solutions, Christian transitioned to RFID in 2014, intrigued by its potential as the next step from barcoding.

Passion for Problem-Solving and Customer Relationships

Christian’s role as Director of Business Development goes far beyond just a title. He wears multiple hats, delving into diverse challenges our clients face across industries. His ability to understand customer requirements, vet opportunities and provide tailored solutions has made him an invaluable asset to our team.

“Sales, at the end of the day, has a lot to do with relationships,” says Christian. “If you could build that trust with a relationship, then they will probably select you, or at least shortlist you, in the selection process.”

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change

One of the significant challenges in RFID adoption is helping clients understand the technology’s ROI and value proposition. Christian excels in breaking down complex concepts into tangible benefits guiding clients through the transformation process. His adeptness at listening and understanding client needs enables him to tailor solutions effectively.

“Understanding what problem the client is trying to solve is key,” he explains. “Then, through that listening process, trying to understand the solution that could work.”

Christian’s Perspective on FEIG Electronics

Christian chose FEIG Electronics because of its solid reputation for delivering reliable products and the company’s customer-first approach. He values the collaborative atmosphere and the willingness of his colleagues to go the extra mile for clients.

“FEIG has a good reputation in the business for a sound product that works,” Christian says. “The people here are excellent and very willing to lend a hand as needed for anything. Building that trust with the customer is crucial, and FEIG embodies that attitude.”

As we move forward, Christian remains excited about the future of RFID technology, particularly in sectors like healthcare, food, and pharmaceuticals. His dedication and passion inspire our team, shaping the future of RFID solutions at FEIG Electronics.

Balancing Innovation and Passion Beyond RFID

Beyond the world of RFID solutions, Christian is a dedicated family man, cherishing moments spent with his wife and children. Family remains at the core of his life, providing balance and purpose outside of the office. Additionally, Christian is deeply involved in sports, both as a former tennis player and as a soccer coach for his 15-year-old son. His commitment to coaching not only showcases his love for the game but also demonstrates his leadership skills and ability to inspire others.

Christian is also an avid fitness enthusiast, finding solace and motivation in his Peloton workouts. With over a thousand rides under his belt, he is not only passionate about his fitness journey but also views Peloton as more than just a bike—it’s a holistic experience driven by music, motivation, and personal growth. His dedication to his fitness routine highlights his determination and discipline, which echo his professional approach at FEIG Electronics.

Outside the fitness realm, Christian enjoys exploring various hobbies, including learning about new technologies and staying updated on industry trends. His curiosity knows no bounds, reflecting his continuous quest for knowledge and growth.

Christian’s diverse interests and unwavering commitment to his passions make him a well-rounded individual, adding depth and energy to our team. As we celebrate his contributions to RFID innovation, we also applaud his zest for life outside the office, reminding us that a well-rounded individual brings skills and a wealth of experiences and perspectives to the table. Thank you, Christian, for inspiring us both in and out of the workplace!

Stay tuned for more employee spotlights as we celebrate the exceptional individuals who make FEIG Electronics a leader in the RFID industry!

Listen to Christian’s entire interview here.