Harness the Power of Data Like Never Before


Harnessing the Power of Data

In the competitive world of business, data reigns supreme. It serves as a cornerstone for building a comprehensive understanding of operations – a single source of truth for driving informed decision-making. Innovation is the driving force behind this progress, the key to staying ahead. Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) and FEIG Electronics are leading the charge of transforming data collection and RFID technology. With years of experience and a relentless commitment to pushing boundaries, these solutions are reshaping industries and setting new standards for efficiency and accuracy.

In our recent episode of The Identify Podcast, Brad Horn, CEO and Co-Founder of PTS, provided valuable insights into the collaborative synergy between organizations, its influence on other enterprises, and the substantial transformations it triggers across various sectors.

A shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction characterizes the partnership between PTS and FEIG Electronics. Leveraging its expertise as a software company, PTS seamlessly integrates its applications with FEIG’s RFID readers, showcasing the harmonious relationship between software and hardware and the transformative power of collaboration.

Don’t settle for outdated methods. Embrace the future with us and tune in to discover more about cutting-edge RFID solutions and the dynamic partnership between PTS and FEIG Electronics.