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The Development and Benefits of RFID in Logistics

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Better understanding, more intelligent use, and greater affordability have led to the broader adoption of RFID technology and solutions today. And, with more popular usage comes additional data that helps create actionable decisions in real time. Listen as Jason Warschauer, Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics, discusses how RFID overcame a rocky start and […]

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Automatic Identification with Matt Monnat of AARFID

Access Control , Automatic Vehicle Identification , Podcast

On the latest episode of The Identify Podcast, Matt Monnat, Executive Vice President of AARFID, joins host Justin Starbird to talk about Automatic Identification. AARFID is an automatic identification company working in the RFID market. They provide complete, fully integrated access control solutions to hotels, resorts, and gated communities, including customizable RFID tags, cards, FEIG […]

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Who is Feig Electronics?

Feig Electronics , Podcast , RFID

Debbie Greenway, Executive Vice President at Feig Electronics joins host Justin Starbird on the latest episode of the Identify Podcast. Who is Feig? Identify Podcast · Who is Feig Electronics Debbie dug right in and shared that, “Feig Electronics is a German company based in a little town about an hour from the Frankfurt Airport. […]

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How to determine what my RFID needs are?

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VP of Technical Sales at Feig Electronics, Klaus Shoeke, joins host Justin Starbird for Episode 2 of the Identify Podcast. On todays episode, Klause walks through the best ways of identifying what technology meets your customer request. Identify Podcast · How to determine what my RFID needs are? On Episode 2, Klaus shares some of […]

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Is UHF replacing HF?

Access Control , Asset Tracking , Podcast , RFID

Klaus Schoeke joins host Justin Starbird on the first Episode of The Identify Podcast. As the Vice President of Technical Sakes for Feig Electronics, Klaus is more of a consultant than a sales representative. Identify Podcast · Is UHF replacing HF? Klaus and Justin talk through the controversial topic of Ultra High Frequency devices replacing […]

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