Transforming Safety Challenges for the Energy Sector


Transforming Safety Challenges for the Energy Sector

In the newest installment of The Identify Podcast, we’re excited to introduce Keith Janes, the founder of KANES Technology Services and KANESid. As both the founder and CEO, Keith wears multiple hats, involving himself in various aspects of the business, from client consultations to overseeing implementation and ensuring value delivery. KANESid isn’t just about asset tracking; it’s a revolution, initially designed for industrial prowess but now tailored to elevate safety, efficiency, and accountability within the energy sector.

Keith highlights the critical challenges faced by his customers, emphasizing the paramount importance of safety and regulatory compliance, particularly regarding Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Through their systems integration approach, KANESid offers a range of solutions tailored to address these challenges effectively.

A key highlight of the discussion was KANESid’s partnership with FEIG, a collaboration aimed at leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline asset-tracking processes. The partnership has enabled utility companies to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in managing their assets, including personal protective equipment (PPE).

Looking ahead to the future, Keith expressed optimism about KANESid’s role in shaping the utility industry’s landscape by offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions that empower companies to operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Tune in to hear more on KANESid’s commitment to driving positive change within the energy sector.