Revolutionizing Asset Management: The Collaborative Power of KANESid and FEIG Electronics


Revolutionizing Asset Management

In the realm of asset management, where precision, safety, and efficiency reign supreme, innovative partnerships can be transformative. KANESid, under the leadership of founder Keith Janes, has emerged as a trailblazer in this domain. Paired with the technological prowess of FEIG Electronics, this collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation in the energy sector, reshaping how assets are tracked, managed, and optimized for peak performance.

KANESid: Pioneering Change in Asset Management

Founded three years ago, KANES Technology Services initially set out to market RFID tags to the industrial marketplace. However, the company’s trajectory shifted as it identified a niche in the energy sector. Today, KANESid offers full system integration services, including comprehensive solutions encompassing software, tags, readers, labels, and services tailored to the unique needs of energy companies.


Targeting Energy Markets with Precision

Energy companies, especially those in the utility sector, face multifaceted challenges. From ensuring safety compliance to streamlining field, warehouse, and lab operations, the demands are diverse. KANESid has successfully pivoted to meet these challenges, focusing on providing complete solutions for tracking and managing assets. 

FEIG: A Strategic Partner in Technological Advancement

Partnerships are often the catalysts for groundbreaking innovations. KANESid’s collaboration with FEIG Electronics is a testament to this truth. FEIG, a leading provider of RFID technology, has played a pivotal role in enhancing KANESid’s capabilities, particularly through its Bluetooth reader.

The FEIG Advantage: Dual-Technology Capabilities

FEIG’s Bluetooth reader stands out for its ability to scan both barcodes and high-frequency RFID. This dual-technology capability provides KANESid with a flexible solution that can adapt to diverse asset-tracking needs. In an industry where precision and speed are crucial, this technology ensures that asset tracking is efficient and accurate.

Rugged Devices for Robust Environments

Warehouse environments, common in the energy sector, demand rugged and reliable devices. FEIG’s commitment to providing robust hardware aligns seamlessly with the challenges faced in these settings. The reader’s durability ensures that it can withstand the demands of daily use in warehouses. Its WiFi or bluetooth capabilities ensure uninterrupted operations in a variety of environments.

Exceptional Support: A Pillar of Success

A successful partnership goes beyond just technology; it involves robust support systems. KANESid commends FEIG for its exceptional support, highlighting the importance of having a reliable partner that can assist in configuring readers and ensuring a smooth deployment process. This support is a key factor in the success of implementing asset management solutions.

The collaboration between KANESid and FEIG Electronics represents a powerful partnership aimed at transforming asset management and serves as an inspiring narrative of how strategic partnerships and technological innovation can create a lasting impact on industries facing complex challenges. Through innovative solutions, a visionary leader, and a reliable technology partner, KANESid is poised to continue making strides in enhancing safety, compliance, and efficiency, revolutionizing asset management.