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10 Ways to Optimize RFID System

Ten Ways to Optimize Your RFID System to Maximize Performance

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As budget season approaches, we’re here to help you optimize your RFID system for maximum efficiency and productivity. Here are ten strategies to make the most of your RFID technology: Comprehensive Access Control: Combining RFID technology for access control with payment solutions can establish a comprehensive system that enhances security, convenience, and efficiency across various […]

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Patient Safety Podcast

Empowering Patient Safety: Unveiling the Transformative Role of RFID in Healthcare

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HID and FEIG Electronics are championing patient safety through advanced RFID identification methods. On the most recent podcast, Caryn Mills, Medical Device Sales Director from HID, and Jason Warschauer, Director of Technical Solutions at FEIG Electronics, guide us through an in-depth exportation of various patient identification techniques and their profound impact on enhancing patient safety. […]

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LR5400 Product Press Release

FEIG Electronics Unveils the ID LR5400 HF Long Range Reader, Setting New Standards for RFID Applications

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Duluth, Georgia – July 27, 2023 – FEIG Electronics, a renowned global leader in the supply of RFID readers and antennas, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation, the ID LR5400 HF Long Range Reader. This state-of-the-art 13.56 MHz reader offers exceptional sensitivity, stable reading and writing performance, and rapid reading speed even in high-density […]

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Data Security Blog

Enhancing Data Security in Healthcare with RFID Technology

Cybersecurity , Feig Electronics , Healthcare , News , RFID , Solutions

RFID & 2023 Healthcare Trends – Data Privacy & Security In a continuing series on The Identify Podcast, host Justin Starbird is sitting down with experts from across the Feig Electronics team to discuss the many uses and benefits of RFID technology, systems, and solutions relative to healthcare trends in 2023. Previous topics include: Improving […]

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Anti-Counterfeiting Podcast

Securing Healthcare: Exploring RFID Technology and Anti-Counterfeiting

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Debbie Greenway, the Executive Vice President of FEIG Electronics, made a special appearance on The Identify Podcast to discuss a prominent presence in the healthcare market, specifically in anti-counterfeiting. During this episode, Debbie shares her insight on the crucial role of RFID technology in ensuring data protection. With the ability of RFID technology to effectively […]

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FEIG MASS Group Contentimonial

By collaborating with FEIG Electronics, MASS Group is revolutionizing manufacturing and warehouse operations

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For over 20 years, Manufacturing Automation & Software Systems, Inc., DBA MASS Group, Inc., has served customers in both the commercial and public sectors with its innovative, cloud-based software. Their flagship product, Traceability Made Easy® (TME®), provides customers with a comprehensive suite of software to track, monitor, and maintain assets and machinery. Built on a […]

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Improving Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations with Complete RFID Asset Tracking Solutions from FEIG Electronics & MASS Group

Asset Tracking , Feig Electronics , integration , Logistics , News , partnership , RFID , Solutions

FEIG Electronics, Inc., an innovative leader in intelligent electronic system solutions, continually strives for improvement and ease of implementation. This desire has led to the development of partnerships that broaden RFID adoption and inspire new products and services. Today on The Identify Podcast, host Justin Starbird sits down with Felipe Pulgarin, Key Account Manager for […]

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Vehicle Access Control

Personal Access Control Systems


RFID Access ControlAccess controls to buildings and parking areas need to be as straightforward as possible, secure, powerful and an economical solution. As an RFID specialist, FEIG ELECTRONIC offers complete systems from a single source; both as a standalone system and integrated into existing access solutions.  Simple in Short RangeChip cards and key fobsFor the […]

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